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Rejecting horror vacui, so typical to Western culture, it tries to analyse urban negative space, tracing its origins and grasping its impact on the surroundings. In this sense, the project refers to Eastern philosophy and the Japanese concept of "ma" - a pause or a gap which significance lies not so much in a conscious design but in the way it is perceived and confronted with structural elements.

It is a story about emptiness - the missing element in the structure of Wroclaw which left behind a forgotten block of silence in the city centre. The physical disappearance entailed a memory loss. A gravelled square, surrounded by the remains of the walls which once shaped its structure, is marked by emptiness. Only the gate gives away the forgotten function of the place. Yet today the gate leads to the vacant area. It is an entrance to the void - a portal from nowhere to nowhere. Only the emptiness is pulled and pushed through the gateway. Any presence, even so vague, constitutes a foreign body here.