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Take a look at project website.

"The series of photographs “Living Room” is a photographic record of 140 empty rooms of a currently non-existent Hotel Asystent of a school in Wroclaw. Uninhabited rooms have the same architectural scheme. Without furniture and personal items they maintained characteristic, personal quality: color of walls, particularly painted details, covering and carpets, hanging lamps. If you look closely at these “post-views” (artist’s expression) they start emanating with individual stories and creating a narrative connected to the place and its inhabitants.

A lot is happening in the visual layer. Each frame – should we use an “analog” term – is a unique, painterly composition. However, geometric order of the photography series creates a dynamic rhythm of color transformations, psychedelic, trance pulsation. The English title uncovers further meanings.

The conceptual and inter-media aspect of the project is curious, as well as its placement in wide perspective of avant-garde art of the 20th century. Many associations come to mind: pop art, conceptual art, minimalism. Similarly to Andy Warhol, Marcin Fajfruk was intrigued by repetition of a seemingly banal topic. He recorded it rigorously, intuitively feeling the strength of a hundred and something frames. The process of taking these frames was like meditation. It took about a week, a couple of hours every day, enabling the author to deeply experience time and space. Other art reference could be the recording of a week-long painting event by John Baldessari, a well-known American conceptual artist, called “Six Colorful Inside Jobs” (1971) where the artist paints a room to a different color every day.

Assuming that the frames are cinematographic in its character (changes in identical rooms), the artistic and curator conclusion, and the media development of the project is a stop-motion animation accompanying the exhibition, based on the photographs. Author expands it through a dedicated website – where you can watch all the photos, frame after frame. Website starts on 1st September 2016."

Mariusz Jodko - curator

Photos 6, 7, 8 by J. Wypych