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While preparing my realization for Adriatic Side I thought about the far-reaching tradition of the sea being a leitmotif in culture. How much of our sea stories canon is still being up to date, and how much only feeds our imagination more or less trivially? What is the sense in telling a story again about the forces of nature or the huge amount of life that is still in there, without at the same time becoming naïve or pretentious? Can the sea still awaken a feeling of dread and respect in us, or has it been reduced to a sole element of touristic “events”?

On the other side of my thinking I encountered the brutal reality of people for whom the sea is the last physical barrier before they reach a place of peace and prosperity. There is nothing extraordinary in their desire, everybody keeps looking for a robust feeling of safety. It is terrifying, however, that they risk their lives when trying to get to the dreamed of paradise, driven by desperation, bravery, fear or foolery. But there is no place here for an evaluation of motives. The installation, the place of its exhibition and the as simple as possible means used are an attempt to tell a story about this tragedy.

The installation was created within the project Adriatic Side in the Castello Normanno-Svevo (Sannicandro di Bari).