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Boredom is a kind of passive emotional and intellectual state. Being the antipode of activity it does not exist independently, but only by preceding or separating moments of creative action. The frequency of boredom’s occurrence varies largely and is mostly dependent on the intensity of intellectual activity.

Regardless of circumstances and causes, boredom is an individually identical state. It is homogenous, uniform and resembles the structure of fractals in that it can be scaled in any direction infinitely and, just like fractals, is self-similar.

A structure of boredom’s characteristics may be the so-called pink noise (also known as one over f noise or flicker noise). It is a signal or process whose frequency spectrum and spectral density are directly proportional to the inverse of frequency. It is a theoretical notion and cannot be fully established in reality since its energy in a full frequency spectrum would be infinite.

The obejct was created in the part of exhibition "The Art of Entropy: A CATALOGUE" which was event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Entropia Gallery in Wrocław.